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Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

New Blog!

I'm not continuing this blog, because I got bored of the ideas behind the blog, so I created a new one that interests me more: Catchy Bling. Check it out!

Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2012

Designing Dresses

Hello Guys, as you probably know (or don't), one of my dearest Ambitions is to become a fashion designer, which is why I recently joined a Sewing Course. I joined this course, because I didn't know anything about sewing clothes, and it was a good idea to join. I wouldn't have know how to start sewing my dress (which I chose out of a BURDA catalog), and if I would have done it at home, my dress would have turned out much, much worse. Here are some pictures of the finished dress:
The Front of the Dress

I think the dress turned out quite well. It was fairly easy to make, and can be used with various accessories for different looks. One of the looks I chose for this summer is to combine the dress with a creamy, woven belt, cream wedges, and an angel wing necklace, as they are in fashion at the moment. The original color of the dress is shown in the last picture, where light conditions were better. 
Stay fashionable, Marethyu.
The Back of the Dress
I added in the zipper myself. :)
Summer Look

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Some Happy Events

Hey peeps. Sorry for not writing. :) I was busy with school, meeting friends, and partying. Why partying? Because I love to party, and I follow most events of the world. So in Germany there is a time called Carnival, where we dress up in the weirdest costumes ( I was a cowgirl) and then watch people marching and throwing candies. This is done to have a good time before we fast until Easter. ;D Well I wanted to tell you that today I learned that friends stay friends, even over long time and great distance. Today I finally met with on of my good friends which I had not met for two years. We talked and laughed, and it was as if I never had lived far away. This is really great, and I really hope that this happens really often. ~('.'~)(~'.')~ Love and Peace, Marethyu. Ps. I'm gonna review some special things, like the Abercrombie Clothes, and of course nail polishes, so stay tuned!!

Freitag, 3. Februar 2012


Seems like Blogger isn't working Nail Polish Post got deleted, better said overwritten, and now I have the Blog from Today twice....I'll sort this out later, as I don't have time to rewrite the post. I just wrote this so you won't think that my brain has problems and that I can't understand that I already posted that text. Peace, Marethyu ;)

Friendship Diary

Today was great...again! :P Me and my other best friend bought an A4 sized book and started using it as a Friendship Diary.... To write a friendship diary, you need: A notebook Stickers Glitter Color Pens and Pencils Ruler Pictures Something to write about...dah. :) It took us one hour just to draw the cover page where we wrote "Friendship Diary" and our names. Then, on the next page, each one of us wrote about what we think of the other; like when and where we met, what we think of them, their character, what we do together, etc. After that,we skipped writing our Profile, because we didn't have enough time. We just drew a nail polish table, where I, using nail polish, wrote down each name. When doing this you should create something funny, for e.g. you could classify white as snow white, or glitter as icicles. That is what we did. :D We just started the diary, so I'm gonna post further steps as time passes. Have a nice day, Marethyu and her BFF :*

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Fun Nail Mania

I had to update the blog, as it got deleted so don't worry if some parts got changed. :*
So, Today my Best Friend and me, tested some nail polishes and created a top four list for OPI, Essence, P2, and Astor.

1) Astor - dark blue metallic
2) OPI - coral red
3) P2 - Crack Black
4) Essence - Purple
Here a table of good and bad points:


Easy to apply
Looks amazing
No chipping
Nope, didn’t find anything

Easy to apply
Awesome Look
No chipping
When removed, color gets all over fingers

End effect is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
Dries fast
Dries out fast
Look can go totally wrong if too much/less varnish is used

Pretty color
Ends up in a mess

First post :D

Hey peeps! This is my first ever blog, and it will be about my life. I will occasionaly post Links to websites that I use, and which I think have good information if you need it. :) If you don't like fashion very much, you are at the wrong adress, as I will post about my nail polish favourtites and the clothes I make (I am going to study how to create, design, etc clothes)...Hope you like it.